Keflahentai Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

Keflahentai Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

Keflahentai Tank Top

Keflahentai Tank Top

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404 Not Found Keflahentai Heavyweight Oversized T-Shirt

Keflahentai Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt


Keflahentai T-shirt, Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt

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Keflahentai - Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt Features:

  • Mid half raglan sleeve
  • Ribbed crew neck
  • Fashion street style
  • 100% cotton


The Keflahentai Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt is a fusion of comfort and style, designed to make heads turn. This tee embodies the perfect blend of casual coolness with its mid-length sleeves and classic raglan design. Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, it feels like a gentle hug against your skin.

Emblazoned on this striking garment is an artful depiction featuring Kefla in her most daring form—a celebration of sensuality and strength. The artwork pays homage to her fierce character while capturing the essence of beauty through bold strokes and vivid colors.

This t-shirt isn't just clothing; it's a canvas for self-expression—an emblematic piece that speaks volumes about individuality without saying a word. Whether you're at home chilling or out with friends, this shirt effortlessly elevates any outfit—pairing perfectly with jeans or shorts for an easygoing yet captivating look.

Intriguingly alluring yet tastefully done—the Keflahentai Mid Half Sleeve Raglan T-Shirt encapsulates confidence within simplicity as seamlessly as only great art can do.

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    Fabric & Care:
  • 200 gsm, 5.9 oz, 26 yarn, 100% cotton.

  • Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low.

    Print Process:
  • Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is a modern printing technique that involves using specialized inkjet technology to print designs directly onto garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, and other textiles. Unlike traditional printing methods that involve printing designs onto transfer paper and then transferring them onto the garment using heat, DTG printing applies the ink directly onto the fabric.

  • Heat transfer printing is a method used to apply designs or graphics onto various surfaces, such as fabric, plastic, or metal, using heat and pressure. The process involves transferring a design from a special transfer paper or film onto the desired substrate through the application of heat.

  • Ideann recommend DTG printing for cotton fabrics and heat transfer printing for polyester and synthetic fabrics.

  • If you're not happy with this design, you can also order blank shirt or custom your own.

Oversized Mid Half Sleeve T-Shirt

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Length 24 25 26 27 28 28 29 29 29

    How to choose the perfect size:

  1. Grab your favorite t-shirt and lay it flat.
  2. For the chest, measure 2.5cm / 1in under the left armpit, to 2.5cm / 1in under the right armpit. Multiply this measurement by 2.
  3. For the length, measure from the top of the shoulder next to the collar straight to the bottom of the shirt.
  4. Match this chest and length information to the size guide to find your ideal size.
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